To-do list! UPDATED WHENEVER. (03/24/11)

Most (but NOT all) of these will be posted publically; if you're curious about seeing what isn't (mostly the not-worksafe stuff), please check out this post and ask to be added to the appropriate filter(s). :) Please also be sure to actually comment, because, uh, I don't honestly check this post that often. If a week goes by and I don't reply, FEEL FREE TO HARASS ME IF YOU STILL WANT IN. I-I am notoriously forgetful and absentminded, sob.



* Royal Archivist

* [ profile] lovesexgrave (a joint quasi-harem/BL/etc project with [ profile] harukami)



* fic fairytales (once upon a time there was a boy who loved the stars)


* currently looking for a Big Bang and/or challenge set to catch my attention :|a

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