I know I have sort of dropped off the map in a lot of ways for journaling; some of those reasons were legit, and others were not. One of the legit reasons, though (I hope!) is that I have decided to give the wonderful world of self-publishing a whirl. My pen name is Lotus Oakes, and I have authorpages at Amazon and Smashwords.

TO DATE I have nine stories up there, that range from 3K to 37K words in length; I am writing primarily romantic erotica (or, at least least, lots of feelings erotica), both m/f and m/m. As time goes on I am hoping to just keep writing wherever the whim takes me, which means that the variety of will increase with time.

My latest story is In His Proper Place (Amazon | Smashwords), which is a m/m romance novella about a lord and his butler. There are some sexy parts, but mostly it's a love story, in its quiet way. If you're interested, please check it out! If you're not, but know anyone who might be, I would appreciate a head's up in my direction.

If you're interested in keeping up with me and my processes, I've been trying to use my domain blog more often; with luck it will be my "writer's blog" and general thought depository.

Thank you for your time and consideration! ♥
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