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( Aug. 23rd, 2007 10:51 am)
Sooooooooo. Like. I've done several of those "GIVE ME [XXXXXX] KIND OF PROMPTS" posts recently. Four, actually, unless I totally missed something, which is entirely possible.

Some of these I'm forced to default on -- if you know you asked for something and I didn't come through, I apologize profusely -- feel free to hit me with a new challenge, and I'll do it! Ou! Fight on, fight on, me!

Thus begins the gigantic FICBIT DUMP OF DOOOOOOOOOOM.

(SO I WROTE KOISURU BOUKUN FIC AFTER ALL. It ... was kind of fun. Damnit. D:)


"Missing Scene" scenarios -- give me something I've written, and I'll write an alternate/extra scene for it. Also, just whatever you feel like hitting me with. XD

For gisho: tactics CHEESY REINCARNATION )

For ibythetide: Koisuru Boukun )

For rivendellrose: the Doctor's wife [Doctor Who] )

For hiza_chan: Alexverse )

For zinjadu: orichara insanity! )


Drabble Post -- drabbles because I made 250 friends-of! Also includes random porn.

For blizzard4526: Guren/Masahiro [Shounen Onmyouji] )

For yhibiki: Raikou/Kantarou, jealous!Haruka [tactics] )

For rahzel: Doumeki/Watanuki )

For moonsheen: Amaterasu/Ushiwaka [Okami] )

For rivendellrose: TARDIS/Doctor [Doctor Who] )

For vikki: Allen Walker [D.Gray-man] )



For torsui: GetBackers/tactics )

For lazulisong: xxxHOLiC/Kingdom Hearts )

For chibimazoku: Yami no Matsuei/Shounen Onmyouji )

For inarticulate: Shounen Onmyouji/tactics )

For zinjadu: D.Gray-man/Firefly )

For lithele: Princess Tutu/Ouran Host Club )

For awillowweeping: Kingdom Hearts/Secret of NIMH )

For sjen: Shounen Onmyouji/tactics (in expansion) )

For voodoobob: Princess Tutu/Kingdom Hearts )

For moonsheen: Okami/Bleach )


Plant prompts! -- a character and a plant, and I write XXXX words! OKAY GO.

For white_aster: Shounen Onmyouji/Shadow Nearts (Touda/Nox), black lotus )

For hiza_chan: Alex cornerverse (KH), mistletoe )

For sister_coyote: Kingdom Hearts (Kairi), thistle )

For harlecerule: Kingdom Hearts/GetBackers, Marluxia )

For chibimazoku: Shounen Onmyouji, lotus )

For torsui: GetBackers (Ban), aconite )

For cinnamonblood: YYH (Kurama), roses )

For yhibiki: xxxHOLiC/tactics, clovers )

For calintz: Okami, orchid )

For voodoobob: Kingdom Hearts, ivy )
Because really, I HAVEN'T forgotten about this! I've been picking at outlining how I want the Sequel of Doom to go, and there's some progress! :D
(Though I confess I wrote this mostly becase [ profile] voodoobob asked me if I ever would again, and it's not that I don't intend to do things, it's just that sometimes, well -- I forget! :B)

My resolution to POST MORE OFTEN is sort of working! Iiiiiii ... hope I can keep this up!

Eight Things
(About learning to live with a heart)

Kingdom Hearts II -- end of game spoilers/speculation
Part of the Alex cornerverse -- Roxas/Alex, SoRiKai OT3
1222 words

Eight Things (about learning to live with a heart) )
So, after a lot of wacky misadventures including but not limited to the cat*, THIS IS FINALLY FINISHED. Something like fifty gajillion years? a month after I offered it, I'm sorry I fail. D:

Alex cornerverse fic, MORE FLUFF of the Roxas/Alex variety. May or may not include satisfying porn, but probably is not worksafe at the very least. :<

... icon has absolutely NO RELEVANCE to the fic, I just, uh. It makes me giggle. XD

Kingdom Hearts 2 [Alex cornerverse] -- Roxas/Alex
Companion fic to The Sea to Shore, a Riku/Kairi piece; set after Where No Shadows Hide
2027 words

Tinderflame )

* No, really, I swear; I would start to write a few paragraphs, and then the cat would be in my room, demanding love and attention, and the way my computer setup is, I cannot comfortably face my computer with him in my lap; my desk is too small and he's too big. D: augh.
OKAY SO. Maybe I have fluff for this cornerverse after all. :<
[ profile] maho_kiwi, I still have your porn in-progress, which will dovetail with this, and hoooooopefully (though with no solid promises), I will have that finished tomorrow. It depends on how my bus rides are. 8D

... it's sappy. I think I apologize, but at the same time, I don't think I do. 8D

The Sea to Shore
Kingdom Hearts 2 [Alex cornerverse] -- Riku/Kairi NOT WORKSAFE (established OT3 and Roxas/Axel)
(set after Where No Shadows Hide, and will be concurrent with a currently untitled Roxas/Alex piece, haha)
3050 words
Even without the sky, the sea will always meet the shore.

The Sea to Shore )
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I finally finished it. [prods it] No internet distractions = good for productivity. Or at least finishing what I start.

IN WHICH MORE FORESHADOWING HAPPENS. I think at this point what's left IS the Sequel of Doom and I'm. Er. Intimidated. 8D

Where No Shadows Hide
Kingdom Hearts 2 -- end of game spoilers/speculation; gen in a cornerverse with OT3 and Roxas/Axel established
(Alex cornerverse)
2609 words
Boredom is sometimes better than the alternative.

Where No Shadows Hide )

... this is not as happy as I meant it to be. Haha. I may have to write porn (or something??) to make this up to myself.
alternately someone else write porn and let me read it I mean haha what

In the same universe as the Happy Ending, only, uh. This is. Not. (I need a better universe title, this thing is developing serious plot.)

Born in Fire
1906 words
Kingdom Hearts 2 -- end of games spoilers/speculation; Axel/Roxas, SoRiKai OT3 [guest appearence by anti!Sora]
Alex regains fire.

Born in Fire )
Sooooooo, today I am ALL ALONE in my half of the office; the guy who usually takes the 9-6 shift with me is on vacation and everyone else leaves at 5 at the latest. Plus, they moved the teams who shared our floor upstairs, so ... it really is sort of just me + tech support on this side of things, and they've got their own little section. So I have NOTHING TO DISTRACT ME and today's a slow day so.

Also, so about that loose end from the Happy Ending? I SUCK SO MUCH THAT I COULD NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT so uh there may be more forthcoming. In which Stuff Will Happen.

... this is not that sequel, but it's sort of a bridging step. Also because I wanted HAPPY BEACH FUN HIJINKS but got this instead. Which means that it'll make a LOT more sense if you've read the previous fics in this set. Or at least the happy ending, which has links to the others.

First Steps
Kingdom Hearts II -- endgame speculation/spoilers; Roxas/Axel (implied OT3)
1379 words
Settling in, sort of. Maybe.
I mostly wrote this because of ONE IMAGE that would not get out of my head. Guess it and get a prize! Unless you're [ profile] voodoobob because I already told her, I think.

First Steps )
... except that there's a loose end I forgot to tie up, so YAY SEQUEL?

Things Old and New
Kingdom Hearts 2 -- end of game speculations/spoilers; SoRiKai OT3; Roxas/Axel [NOT WORKSAFE]
Also, so I originally said "And a Wreath of Flowers" was the prequel to "The Sound of Memory." I lied. This is the direct sequel. So it goes:

1. No Crowd
2. ...And A Wreath of Flowers His Crown
3. This one, but there's no real need to read the others unless you're feeling, I dunno. Masochistic?

8415 words
Fairytales lead to happy endings. Most of the time.
(P.S. Much thanks to [ profile] maho_kiwi, who gave me the launchpoint idea for this, and to [ profile] voodoobob and [ profile] harukami for putting up with me screaming, letting me occasionally poll them for WHAT WOULD YOU DO? answers, and for helping name Kairi's Keyblade. TAH-DAH love you all♥)

Things Old and New )
You know what sucks? TRAGEDY SUCKS. Even (especially) in fiction, where it was completely avoidable.
... so have some OT3 not-tragedy. Possibly a prequel to "...And A Wreath Of Flowers His Crown."

Someday, I will write a true sequel to that. haha. >_>

No Crowd
Kingdom Hearts II -- end of game series/speculation; SoRiKai [NOT WORKSAFE haha]. Some implied Roxas/Axel?
1751 words
With anyone else but Sora, it probably wouldn't work out this way. Since it is Sora, it does.

No Crowd )
Um. Because I am sappy like that, let's just say that this is a prequel to The Sound of Memory. I AM A SUCK OKAY.

...And a Wreath of Flowers His Crown
Kingdom Hearts II -- end of game spoilers/speculation (SoRiKai and Axel/Roxas)
3167 words
For those memories you can leave behind, and those you cannot.

...And a Wreath of Flowers His Crown )


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