As a side note, Haru should not be allowed to think up names. ON THE OTHER HAND HAHAHA WHUT.

Strange Attachments -- cowrite with [ profile] harukami
Haruka/Kantarou/ricebowl [OT3♥]
Haruka really likes his rice bowl. Kantarou compensates.
(Hahahaha, what, people keep letting us write together. XD

Strange Attachments )
... once again, Haru and I speculate too much. Eheh♥

The More Things Change -- cowrite with [ profile] harukami
tactics (anime) -- some spoilers
Haruka/Kantarou (as always! ♥)
Haruka tries on a few changes for size.
With apologies to the Matantei Loki Ragnarok episode with the similar premise. XD And this fic is SO DAMN LONG, it's linked directly from the website. Ahaha. XD;

The More Things Change
So Haru and I were talking again (and you know, this can never be a good sign), and somehow we went from mouseover porn to this.

I don't know if I should apologize for this or not, but hey. XD

Heat -- cowrite with [ profile] harukami
Haruka/Kantarou [ahaha]
Youko has a problem. Kantarou deals with the consequences.

Heat )
Taking a break from reading/studying to post this, whee♥

So for some reason, someone keeps letting me and Haru write fic together. :D Today, we present to you this. BLAME THE TACTICS OST BECAUSE WE SURE DO. [coughs]

Tactics Noir: The Case of the Missing Moo-chan -- cowrite with [ profile] harukami
vague Kantarou/Haruka; no spoilers; AU(?)
Moo-chan is missing! Tactics, quasi-noir!style. No, really.

Tactics Noir: The Case of the Missing Moo-chan )
So, we got into this discussion one night about how long it might actually TAKE Haruka and Kantarou to get together, and the concept of Youko and Haruka trying to deal with midlifecrisis!Kantarou ... and so we have this fic (which is actually more serious than it sounds). :D :D

Running Out -- cowrite with [ profile] harukami
tactics [anime continuity]
Haruka/Kantarou; not work-safe (no spoilers unless you're looking for 'em)
Some decade or so later, Haruka and Kantarou still haven't got on with things. Youko is running out of patience with them.

Running Out )
Right, so. XD As of this summer, I've been doing a whole helluva lot of cowriting with the lovely and talented [ profile] harukami (don't listen to anything she says, she's awesome ♥) -- this is only one of many, but it's the first we've finally gotten FINISHED AND POSTED YEI.

... it's also really long, so you folks will have to make do with an off-LJ link. XD Meep.

Anyway! Yoinking summarystuff from Haru, now. XD

Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy/Ed, NC-17
So not our characters. We only wish.
In which Roy and Ed rather reluctantly attend a State Alchemist ball, and after, return to a place which isn't quite 'home'.

Fic link: "Housewarming"


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