obviously this means I should do a meme instead. Ilu [ profile] inarticulate |D

a) I want to talk about how my ships and concept of shipping varies with fandom, so name a fandom and I'll discuss what I ship and what shipping means to me in that fandom.

b) I have a lot of fandoms. Have you ever wondered about one of the fandom I sometimes mention on my journal which you don't know of? Ask me any question you want about them!

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( May. 8th, 2008 06:56 pm)
Before we get started: happy birthday, [ profile] miss_arel! Roommate-thingit is now officially 21, so when she gets home, we're going to do the Responsible Friends Thing, and take her to a pub and buy her alcohol. *g*

So for a variety of reasons (some legitimate, some not-so), I have been ... vaguely blah and meh and grumpy. On the other hand, I am also on the upward swing of my hormonal cycle, which means that my mood has a 99% chance of improving within the next week. TO ENCOURAGE THIS, I am going to talk about fun things! Fandom things! Because I haven't in a while. \O

Like, for example, I got an email from Kinokuniya saying that my order had come in! ... but it didn't say what my order was, so I was confused. The only thing I'd ordered recently was Pandora Hearts v5 -- last Sunday, in fact. But Kinokuniya is never that fast; it's been less than a week! Maybe it was something else I'd forgotten! So today after work, I decided to take a brief detour and check it out.

Turns out, it WAS Pandora Hearts 5! \O/ THE ONLY COPY IN THE STORE BUT HEY. I've already read the chapters themselves, but I have an easier time reading with a solid hard copy, so I picked up a few things that I'd missed with the scans. There was also:

- The gag cover is basically a mock-tabloid, including Gil's recipie corner, Break's shameful~ affair~ with Cheshire, and Sharon using Emily as a voodoo doll.
- Vincent is incredibly pretty in-color. The color splash just emphasizes this.
- So is Alice, for that matter. And Cheshire is adorable. :(
- The omake for this volume are all connected in a series about Gil growing up~ including Vincent being a better shot than he is, Gil making fun of Break's face, and Break teaching Gil to use "ore" instead of "boku." ("Boku wa! Kyou kara 'ore' ni narimasu!!!") It includes a training montage of them running on a beach.
- The Special Thanks page has the cutest picture of Alice ever. Ever. :(

They also, for the first time since I started looking, had Amatsuki in stock! I DIDN'T HAVE TO SPECIAL-ORDER AFTER ALL. /O/ I think v7 is still a little too new for them to have, but hey, now I have 1-6! I can read it without the translations that honestly at times confused me. |D (Not to disparage on the translators, but once again, it's a whole "I read things so much better if I have the actual book.)

I also broke down and bought the first four volumes of Monochrome Factor. THE ANIME MADE ME GIGGLE SO MANY TIMES I HAD TO ACTUALLY PAUSE TO RECOVER. For the record, the manga is a lot better in sheer terms of making sense without the senseless fanservice, but hey. Sometimes, I'm a shallow fangirl, and I like the senseless fanservice. :(b

- I like Kengo. Why is he so stupid and cute. :( He's never going to win, but socute.
- I like Shirogane. When did I start liking politely-speaking vaguely rapist-types? Th-this is very strange and unusual for me. Does this mean I have to start liking Akabane more, now?
- So I like Shirogane/Akira a lot more after the [SPOILER] about Akira. Sigh, what is this new trend.
- The lack of noses in a lot of panels, however, is strange to me. It's a matter of getting used to the artstyle, but. I keep noticing the lack of noses unless people are in profile.
- Sorano is cute, making the tiny clay figures of his characters.


Someday, someday, I will have fic again. orz
You know, the thing is, I really like comedies.

But not so much slapstick comedies -- the sort where it's nonstop wacky hijinks of a (usually) physical nature; I like shows and comics and whatevers that don't take themselves too seriously, and can, in fact, step back from themselves and laugh. Anything that strikes me as taking itself too seriously tends to bore me, or else drive me to imagining more humorous scenarios -- it is, ultimately, why I can't follow a whole lot of "epic" stories. I get ... bored, honestly, with the nobility and the drama and the RAW HUMAN SUFFERING AND AWE; some is good, some is often very good, but after a while, I get tired of it. I think Tolkien may be the only one who's ever pulled it off in a way that I don't eventually feel like mocking it. :\

On the other hand, I like a comedy that has darker elements, too. I don't mean just black humor or its ilk; I mean stories that are lighthearted and funny on surface viewing, but as soon as you scratch a bit deeper, there's a whole seething mass of things that could go wrong, will go wrong, or already have gone wrong. I like characters like this, too -- know me long enough and it's laughably easy to predict who my favorite character in something new will be: I like the "good" characters, the cheerful ones, the happy stupid ones that maybe the other characters are sometimes irritated with -- but who also have a darker core, something rotten inside all of the bright. And honestly, it feels more "real" to me (maybe I just have a skewed sense of reality? Errr) for a character to start light and progress to darker, rather than a character that starts dark and lightens as time goes on. It's possible, it just seems less likely.

I love a story where the characters can be laughing and stupid one moment, and in the next find themselves in a world of hurt and unhappiness -- but that ultimately, in the end, they pull together; I like a good dose of funny in my wooby. (Granted, I am not very good at this myself; my humor, such as I have it, is a physical humor: people laugh at me more because of how I saw things and how I look as I say them, or at the things I do, rather than what I say. Sadly, I am not a clever person, though someday I would LIKE to be.) I ... often cannot read WAFFy fixit stories, because everyone's so interested in the sentimental tugging of the heartstrings, and just as it is with unending angst, I get -- bored, in a way. And it's not that I don't think some characters DON'T deserve hugs and cuddlings, or that I think an awkward joke should be thrown in to jar the mood; it's just ... maybe it's that I prefer teasing and banter instead?

On that note -- Doctor Who is totally my new favorite show (well, one of several). The Doctor is so incredibly cute and enthusiastic you just want to FUZZLE him, but there are times when that blacker uglier part of him comes out, and it's absolutely fascinating to see.

Blah blah: Spoilers through the end for FFXII: in which I talk too much, trying to dissect what disatisfied me about the game overall )

However, Doctor Who has already caused me to stay up far past my bedtime, debating with a roommate where certain Major Events fit into the space-time continuum, whether something that happens "outside of time" will fit itself back into the linear flow, and if it does, how does it and where does it and what family structures might have existed with the Time Lords and how the hell do the Daleks keep surviving, please let me know. XD

Also have decided that David Tennant's sheer enthusiastic joy about getting to play his childhood idol/hero? Cutest thing ever, among other cutest things ever.

I need icons for Shounen Onmyouji and Doctor Who now. D: ... I suppose it's a good thing the weekend is coming up, though holy crap I need to clean and pack for MOVIN'S.
[ profile] yaoi_challenge fics DONE!
[ profile] springkink ONE MORE TO GO!
[ profile] het_challenge ....... I HAVE MORE TIME THAN I THOUGHT! D:
The desire to write longfic TOTALLY NOT IN ANY OF THE FANDOMS I HAVE CHALLENGES FOR: A++++++ double-check yes!


So yesterday I had lunch with my cousin (which is really weird when I think about it, because while a lot of my friends have family in the area, I ... really don't; they're in Texas, Connecticut, and LA). She's very nice, despite being ~five years older than me and us having little to nothing in common but blood (I am the second-youngest in my family on both sides, and C is actually closer to me in age than most, as the majority of them are ... in their late thirties by now? yikes), though conversation was a bit peculiar. I mean, it's weird to say "I visited S and her kids" and know that not only does C know them, C is ALSO related to them.

... this is a novelty to me, okay. :p

But then she hopped a train to Portland and I went shopping; I got my groceries for the week and the first eight volumes of Tsubasa (which I'd been borrowing from a friend in their uber-shiny hardback with full color and other goodies version -- I just got the regular-sized tankoban), then spent the evening rereading them.


What do non-fandom people (the mainstream people, the ones who look askance at you when you say you play video games, who have these strained smiles and ask "oh, like kid's books?" when you say you like comics, who think that you're actually using a secret code word for porn when you say you're into anime/manga -- and I could make a joke here about fandom but I'll leave it) DO for fun?

No seriously.

As far back as I can remember, I've always been geeking on some aspect of fandom (and oh, the Mary Sues that never left the safety of my head!), even before I discovered the internet. If you look at the disaster zone that's my room, it's all either a) old school-related stuff or b) FANDOM.

Whiiiiiich may actually be construed as kind of lame, but I keep myself entertained!

I just sort of wondered "how DOES the other side keep themselves from being bored?" and.

Also it's Sunday and my roommates are out/at work/not HERE so I'm just left with a cat for company, which is good for harrassing, but not so much for hashing things out.

P.S. Cockvore exists in this world. And by that I do not mean that the cock gets eaten, but that the COCK EATS YOU (soviet cock?).

I ... I suck. Or something.
(Which is to say, I never ever EVER thought I'd fall for a CLAMP series, but I should really learn to not say such absolutes, because I will then perversely go and trip myself up.)

I want to be Yuuko when I grow up. Or older. T_T

to the sound of clapping hands
463 words
Yuuko pov piece, set in v8, after the incident with the spider-queen, whose name I have totally blanked on. Ahaha.

to the sound of clapping hands )
Today's post is brought to you by:

1. My lunch break
2. My nifty new chair (which was just kind of sitting there yesterday and doesn't kind of ... tilt forward alarmingly, like my old one)
3. FINALLY CATCHING UP! on GetBackers is v36 out yet?
4. [ profile] theladyfeylene visiting this weekend and talking FMA with me

Theory One: FMA Animeverse )

Get Back the Lost Time )

... I want tactics v8 to finally arrive at Kinos so I can go buy it. D: Resolution of the lover's quarrel! OTP! Vague implications about Kantarou's dead mother! Raikou being a creepy sick bastard! The last bit of plot before Kinoshita-sensei got sick! T_____T

And lunch break's over. Back to work! ♥


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