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( Dec. 16th, 2010 05:30 pm)

This is an idea I have been kicking around for the better part of a year now, and who knows if it will actually go anywhere because lol life, the universe, and everything, but! I figured I would throw it out and see if there was any interest.

So I am one of the mods over at [ profile] campfuckudie, and I know there a lot of you on my flist whom I met over there, so this is not exactly new news. *g* FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T, it is a fairly large (and old-for-the-internet) panfandom RP in a pretty free-form jamjar setting. However, we have two spinoff comms, one for general AUs, and one for Mafia/Cry Wolf styled games; the only issue is that you have to have a current character in CFUD in order to actually participate! HOWEVER.

I have been tossing around the idea for a while now about making a game (holder arena for mini-games?) that would allow folks from all RPs to join. Just for a game, and not for longer than, say, a week (unless it's a Wolf game where the voting is very intense or whatever)--someone puts out a call for players for a Cry Wolf game, for example, and you could sign up with any RP character that you've got in your repoitoire, no matter what game they came from. (I'd probably put the cap on dressing rooms, though, since that would be more than I'd want to deal with right away.) It would mean that yeah, you'd potentially have, like, two or more of the same canon character in a game, but I think that would be kind of the horrible fun of it. :B

The game would be strictly AU to all RPs that the characters came from--it'd be a very much, "I am trusting you to talk to the mods of your games about what you can and cannot bring back," since there would sometimes be IC prizes and IC damage, and of course, free resets to anyone who sustained damage before they go back to their own games. Playing in a mini-game would not preclude playing the character at their normal game, of course, if such a character is your primary or involved in something else at the time.

The setting I have in mine is a carnival (the same one that I ran an event with for CFUD a while ago), which means that other people could get involved in creating a carnival/circus character to run a particular style of game (it wouldn't be like, so I have a Clown and he runs x kind of game and y kind of game and z kind of game--the Clown would run maybe the Cry Wolf games, or the Fortune-Teller would run a kill-or-be-killed game, that sort of thing). There would be no play in the setting when there isn't a game going on, since the Carnival appears and disappears at random and isn't really meant to be a Huge And Deep Mystery to why it exists--it just does, and the Ringmaster is always looking for new recruits to keep for himself.

SO IDK IDK I have no idea if there would even be interest in this, or if it's doable, or even what the basic rules would be, I am just throwing it out there.

And now I am running off to leave work so YAY any questions/concerns/gtfo terra you're crazy may go here.

ETA Further thought before I forget it--

There would be a "day" carnival and a "night" carnival, so part of the game invitations would involve specifying what half you were setting it in; "day" games would be the sort of fun happy fluffy silly whatever games where you make friends and influence people!! or whatever, and the "night" carnival would be death/killing/mental trauma games. :|a The casts would be different for the day and the night games, and two or more circus members could in fact team up to complicate things.

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( Oct. 12th, 2010 02:27 pm)
FINISHEDDDddddd oh god I needed the practice. :B I-I apologize for the quality of some of these.

Thank you to everyone who requested. ♥ I hope that these are acceptable, sob. XD


woodburner -- Pandora Hearts vampire AU )


allforchocolate -- di[e]ce, KINGCEST )


darknightrain -- Vocaloid, Musunde Hiraite )


rivendellrose -- Merlin/Okami, Arther and Merlin and Ammy )


hiza_chan -- Kingdom Hearts, Axel/Roxas + zombie apocalypse )


torsui -- Kingdom Hearts/Okami, Riku in Nippon )


nayami -- Okami, Oki and Shiranui )


7scimitarroll -- Mononoke, tsukumogami )


alexander -- Vocaloid, Synchronicity, Kaito and birds )


anonymous 1 -- 07-Ghost AU, Hakuren and the road to hell )


slipout -- Pandora Hearts, Nightrays and moonlight )


ningen_demonai -- D.Gray-Man, 'you shouldn't have done that' )


levade -- Vocaloid, Synchronicity, the dragon's utahime )


halcyonjazz -- Kingdom Hearts/The Princess And The Frog, Sora and Naveen )


kangawu -- di[e]ce, Naoto and nightmares )


anonymous 2 -- Sherlock Holmes [movieverse], Holmes/Watson )


piecrumbs -- Vocaloid, Hakamairi )


sleepfighter -- Mononoke/xxxHolic(/07-Ghost) )


uminohikari -- original, cannibalistic fairies )
Because things are more true once they're said aloud. :|a


Also I know I have been loltastically fail at updating about my writing progress, but IT PROGRESSES. I AM MAKING MY WORDCOUNT, if only barely, b-but I've hit a point where life is like HELLO, LET ME TOUCH YOU and I'm like AHHHH WHERE DID YOU COME FROM! so. :B I'm starting to have ideas again, and I probably owe [ profile] halcyonjazz birthday fic I GUESS, so hopefully will be posting again soon. I'M SORRY TO ALL OF YOU WHO FRIENDED ME FOR FIC AND FOUND ME TO BE AN EXTREMELY BORING PERSON.

So while I was kind of quiet about it, I did in fact app during CFUD's last round, and now I play [ profile] bookwormbadass on the internet. Glee. :B

This was also a little bit sad for me, because vector kept posting stuff and I'd be like I WANT TO SAY SOMETHIIIIING INSTEAD I AM GOING TO SIT HERE LIKE :B INSTEADDDDDDD. But that's all done with now, and I can do a rather indulgent thing that I have been considering for over a week now.

For those who do not know: in Soul Eater, partnered teams comprise of a weapon (a person who can transform themselves into a weapon of choice) and a meister (who wields the weapon to whatever ends).

Give me any pair of characters, and I will write a shortfic about them as a weapon-meister pair. Bias is given probably to any fandom I have written recently. Which means I guess extra special bonus points for epic robots. :|a THIS COULD BE HILARIOUS.

Barring that, I have a trip coming up, in which I will be visiting my parents for a week, so actually, feel free to give me prompts in general too. I think this is how I will stop from going totally crazy when I'm working on the Big Bangs I signed up for and it's like AHHHH ONE SINGLE CONSISTENT STORY, WHERE IS MY VARIETY!


ETA: ANONYMOUS, WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT! I hope you're commenting on this post so I can write you something. 8(

There are probably lots and lots of falling spoilers in this. Caveat lector and all. o/ I think I have tagged everything appropriately, but there were a LOT OF THINGS I was writing, so hopefully I remembered them all. XD


maho_kiwi - Okami, Waka )

gaisce - Princess Tutu, Rue )

allforchocolate - 07-Ghost, Mikage )

inarticulate - Onmyouji, Abe no Seimei )

lilorchid1023 - Shaman King, Ren )

wakuchan - Princess Tutu, Fakir )

anonymous - Yuu*Yuu*Hakusho, Hiei )

vianusmiho - Pandora Hearts, Vincent )

kangawu - Yami no Matsuei, Hisoka )

rivendellrose - Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor )

woodburner - Pandora Hearts, Break )

fyredancer - tactics, Kantarou )

chibimazoku - Guignols, Kohaku )

anonymous2 - 07-Ghost, Shuri )

enough_space - Persona 4, Souji )

yhibiki - Shadow Hearts, Alice )

zinjadu - Highlander, Duncan )

noooodley - Mononoke, the Medicine Seller )

torsui - Kingdom Hearts, Riku )

jeva_chan - Axis Powers Hetalia, Germany )

herongale - xxxHolic, Doumeki )

nayami - Pandora Hearts, Eliot (and Gil) )

lukita - Disgaea, Laharl )

ningen_demonai - Ludwig Kakumei, Ludwig )

sleepfighter - 07-Ghost, Castor )
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( Sep. 3rd, 2009 05:20 pm)
Hey guys, hey guys, since my birthday is next month and I am turning sob TWENTY-SIX!!1 let's try that mathoms thing, huh? I did it a couple of years ago, and meant to do it last year, but it never really got off the ground. I know I still probably owe people stuff, but sob, my email inbox is more cluttered than my room, s-so good luck to me, trying to find anything.

What I really would like, though, is for twenty-six genderswitch requests (one per commentor; please give me fandom + character), which I will work on and hopefully be done to post by October 12th, which is my birthday. In this way, I manage to combine two things I've wanted to do for a while and hopefully get some interesting stuff to work with. I will not put a length limit on them, though I will be trying to keep them under 1K words apiece when I can. :|a

IF I KNOW THE FANDOM I WILL WRITE IT. I do, however, reserve the right to ask for a substitution if it is a fandom I do not know particularly well.

So today I was talking to [ profile] harukami about my current lack of productivity, and I basically said "I need to devise a guilt and/or reward system or I'm never going to get out of this rut." Which is--sadly very true! I've kind of settled into my apartment now, and there's both more and less stuff to do without a roommate around, which means that I spend a lot of my evenings curled up on the couch with the TV for ambient noise and ... rather than writing or RPing or anything productive, I have hit this consumptive cycle where I am just reading a lot. And I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, but it's not really where I want to be, either!

SO. I am going to try taking a leaf from [ profile] sjen's book, as she is my senpai and it is something that would work for me! SO. It's not the beginning of the year, nor is it my birthday (which are the two times when I would normally MAKE resolutions, but waiting for it will only compound the problem), but it is the beginning of the week, so let's try this.

I will attempt to write at least 1000 words a week from here, July 6th, to July 6th 2010. On Sundays I will post a weekly status report (and leave a note to myself to actually do so), and when I say 1000 words, I don't mean RP or twittering or blog posts--but actual fiction/plotting something--in which I will provide at least an excerpt of the stuff(s) I've been working on. I should do this separate from anything I write with [ profile] harukami (since we are currently working on something and that feels kind of like cheating XD).

Should I fail to do this, I will give away a $10 Amazon or LJ gift certificate to the first person who comments when I post a failure week.

The caveat to this is that I will, like Senpai did, allow myself five (5) freebie weeks, as I know for a fact that I will get very little done for one week in August (when people descend upon Seattle), the week of my birthday (when [ profile] enough_space visits me ♥) and just general--life and blah and accounting for illnesses or whatever.

I am incredibly serious about this, because I really do need something to actually kick my ass and get me working again. Wish me luck. :(b


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