Oh man, okay, apparently I am just going through one of those dry journal spells (as opposed to my twitter, which pretty much gets the brunt of my everyday little victories and defeats, if you can even call them that), but HAHA! I LIVE! Take THAT, world!

The past month+ has been kind of insane, mostly related to the condo and moving and all the inherent baggage that comes with that. On the other hand, I am pretty happy with the place--my buyer's remorse, such as it is, is pretty minor. I think once I get curtains up (a-and fix the screens, hurff) and more unpacked (I have until the end of August! woo!) and finish the last of the cleaning, it'll get better. For better or worse, I am committed, and I'm not freaking out about it. Just everything else!

ramble ramble self-reflection ramble ramble )

I thought about doing the "i've always wanted to tell you" meme, but I'm not sure I would get anything new about it. I have a good guess at what most of my flaws are that people would nitpick about (though I should reiterate as always, if I have done something to bother/offend you, never hesitate to tell me so), and I've been so borderline reclusive I doubt there's much good to say. :p

I guess if people really have burning things to say, they can use this post. Hello, world.


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