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( Dec. 16th, 2010 05:30 pm)

This is an idea I have been kicking around for the better part of a year now, and who knows if it will actually go anywhere because lol life, the universe, and everything, but! I figured I would throw it out and see if there was any interest.

So I am one of the mods over at [ profile] campfuckudie, and I know there a lot of you on my flist whom I met over there, so this is not exactly new news. *g* FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T, it is a fairly large (and old-for-the-internet) panfandom RP in a pretty free-form jamjar setting. However, we have two spinoff comms, one for general AUs, and one for Mafia/Cry Wolf styled games; the only issue is that you have to have a current character in CFUD in order to actually participate! HOWEVER.

I have been tossing around the idea for a while now about making a game (holder arena for mini-games?) that would allow folks from all RPs to join. Just for a game, and not for longer than, say, a week (unless it's a Wolf game where the voting is very intense or whatever)--someone puts out a call for players for a Cry Wolf game, for example, and you could sign up with any RP character that you've got in your repoitoire, no matter what game they came from. (I'd probably put the cap on dressing rooms, though, since that would be more than I'd want to deal with right away.) It would mean that yeah, you'd potentially have, like, two or more of the same canon character in a game, but I think that would be kind of the horrible fun of it. :B

The game would be strictly AU to all RPs that the characters came from--it'd be a very much, "I am trusting you to talk to the mods of your games about what you can and cannot bring back," since there would sometimes be IC prizes and IC damage, and of course, free resets to anyone who sustained damage before they go back to their own games. Playing in a mini-game would not preclude playing the character at their normal game, of course, if such a character is your primary or involved in something else at the time.

The setting I have in mine is a carnival (the same one that I ran an event with for CFUD a while ago), which means that other people could get involved in creating a carnival/circus character to run a particular style of game (it wouldn't be like, so I have a Clown and he runs x kind of game and y kind of game and z kind of game--the Clown would run maybe the Cry Wolf games, or the Fortune-Teller would run a kill-or-be-killed game, that sort of thing). There would be no play in the setting when there isn't a game going on, since the Carnival appears and disappears at random and isn't really meant to be a Huge And Deep Mystery to why it exists--it just does, and the Ringmaster is always looking for new recruits to keep for himself.

SO IDK IDK I have no idea if there would even be interest in this, or if it's doable, or even what the basic rules would be, I am just throwing it out there.

And now I am running off to leave work so YAY any questions/concerns/gtfo terra you're crazy may go here.

ETA Further thought before I forget it--

There would be a "day" carnival and a "night" carnival, so part of the game invitations would involve specifying what half you were setting it in; "day" games would be the sort of fun happy fluffy silly whatever games where you make friends and influence people!! or whatever, and the "night" carnival would be death/killing/mental trauma games. :|a The casts would be different for the day and the night games, and two or more circus members could in fact team up to complicate things.

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( May. 19th, 2010 08:14 pm)
So, the local theater is doing a production of Fiddler on the Roof! And now TV commercials have been on TV for it. And every time I see it, I am overcome with this brief moment of /)_(\ SOME PEOPLE THINK IT'S FUNNY. Some people are also horrible and mean to me. :'(

The beginning of this tale was a good coughcoughcough years ago, when I was about six years old. My father had just finished watching our VHS copy of the Fiddler on the Roof, and he asked me if I would rewind it and put the tape away for him! SO I DID. And as I turned off the VCR--we had one of those really old-fashioned ones, where it returned to whatever channel it was on previously when you turned the VCR off. I don't know WHAT CHANNEL IT WAS, or even what movie--I suspect it was the first Alien or some sort of horror movie, where the lighting was dark and smokey and there were horrible chittering noises and people generally being terrified. Hmm.

SOMEHOW, IN MY TINY SIX YEAR OLD MIND, I CONFLATED THE TWO. So for years, I was absolutely terrified of the production and everything that had to do with it. I thought that the Fiddler stood on roofs and was a man-eating alien who shot people with his fiddle and then devoured their souls. :( Mom would suggest watching it and I'd be like AHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;A; and I would go hide in my room with the door closed. Even as I got older and developed a taste for horror hmmmmmm, I just. Could never bring myself to even look it up because I was so convinced that the Fiddler was going to somehow kill me as I slept or something, Idk.

(I should also mention that I grew up in Austin, so it is entirely possible that I simply combined Aliens and the University Tower Shootings with the Fiddler on the Roof in some bizarre and absolutely horrible crossover that should never happen for real outside of my brain EVER.)

I didn't actually know it was a musical till my senior year of high school, when Dad asked me to make him a mix CD and one of the songs he had me download was from Fiddler on the Roof. ("Sunrise, Sunset," which is THE SONG my parents play in the car EVERY YEAR when they pick me up from the airport for my annual visit.) And I didn't know what the story was about until a few years after that, and then it was like "... whoa ..."

That is how Terra learned NOT to be terrified of Fiddler on the Roof.

PS still not going to see it, so [ profile] vulchu and [ profile] katmaxwell may stop laughing at me right now, those horrible people. :(

PPS The n key of my laptop is trying to die horribly. Don't ask how many times I've had to go back and correct typos in this post; IF I MAKE A MISSING-N COMMENT, PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
THE GOOD: Weeeee are pretty much clear to go! Home inspection was done last night, and most of it was fairly boring (though really, for something like this, it's very much a "no news is good news" thing). There are a few issues that need to be taken care of, probably sooner than later--we're going to negotiate for either credit back OR they'll do it themselves. I-is it ridiculous of me when I was like "actually, it could be kind of fun to learn how to do it myself," I GUESS THIS MEANS I REALLY AM READY FOR HOME OWNERSHIP?? ps [ profile] enough_space and [ profile] vulchu even if you guys don't help I will expect you to keep me company and be my cheering squad. :B

THE BAD: Iiiiiii forgot to completely budget for this (the actual inspection itself, which, DUH I R BRILL, costs money). :B IT IS NOT A HUGE DEVASTATING DIFFERENCE and I'm already ballparking my numbers on the super-high end, but it pretty much means that until I get this figured out and accomodated for, I have to declare hiatus for anything irl that involves money. :( So this involves even eating/ordering out, because until I actually know exactly my numbers and where things are coming from, and where that extra money needs to come from (whether from my high ballparks or from something else), I should not be spending anything. I CAN STILL HANG OUT AND LIKE, WATCH TV OR GO WINDOW SHOPPING OR WHATEVER! In fact, at this point, I don't really have any major house-related things to do; we're in pending and until the closing date (June 7th) I AM FREE. Sob. Love me.

THE AHHHHHH: No, the \o_O/?!?!?! \o/!! feeling hasn't really worn off yet, gosh this is super-exciting. ONE STEP CLOSER TO PLAYING A GROWN UP IN THE REAL WORLD. And today I am wearing a shirt with rainbow butterflies in it and am seriously considering the merits of wearing my hair in pigtails while it's in that medium-ish length stage. I think this may be one of the few times I could pull it off, y/n? :|a

P.S. In epic battle of Prinny vs Dalek, who wins?
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( Apr. 24th, 2010 09:47 pm)

* Went to the post office to mail things for people! Bought stamps while I was at it.
* Got some bank stuff taken care of!
* Did my grocery shopping!
* Socialized with people!
* Played a metric ton of Pokemon HeartGold!

AND ALSO, I ... )

* Sometimes, I really wish I could just post snippets of lyrics to my LJ without feeling ridiculous about it. And granted, I find it irritating, pretentious, or kind of dumb when I see people do it, but there are times where I am like, I really like these lyrics, I feel like repeating them and I am in the office and I cannot sing aloud. I've done it once or twice in my twitter, but I'm still sort of \O_o/ about doing it. IT FEELS SILLY. /o\

* A few weeks ago, there was a post on my flist about how dark and angsty =/= artistic merit. I would agree with this wholeheartedly, and extend that to life as well. Dear people, just because I am normally a cheerful person who just sort of floats and isn't always weighed down by the troubles of the world and my deficient personality, it does not make me stupid or childish. Your angst and drama does not make you a deeper or more worthy person than me. I will punch you in the face; then you will have physical pain to go with your spiritual, THEN WHAT. I've had this problem all my life, honestly--less with people online and more with people I know/interact with in my daily life.

It frustrates me, because sometimes, hey! I have bad days too! And then I wonder if there's a point to that attitude, if maybe it really--but then, no. No. :\ I've grown to a point where I resent the implication that I am somehow dumb because I like a happy ending, or that I will see the glass as half-full. Online, the problem is more about things you write, and the "artistic merit" of fiction itself, which ... okay, I mean, a well-done BAD END or bittersweet ending is totally cool with me. I like some stuff that's bleak! But a lot of times, it just wears me out--it doesn't make me think, it just makes me want to curl up and sleep for a week. SEE ALSO: my reaction to The Dark Knight. On its own merits, I think it was a fantastic movie, but god, it wore me out, and it didn't really make me think, because I was too busy being worn out by the relentness SHIT GOING DOWN. I liked 9 much better, because inexplicable as parts were, as spotty as the dialogue and plot sometimes was, there was hope, and I appreciated that. 9 made me think, actually, though I'd probably need to see it again before I could articulate any of it.

And okay, I have this Thing for horror stories, or endings that are weird and not entirely explained; I like Lovecraft and Poe and King. My greatest enthusiasm is for running horror stories, and not necessarily ones that are hooked on Twists And Plots, but just ... horrible things! Weird things! Monsters in the closet and things going bump in the night and the sinking feeling that the nightmare isn't over, just paused temporarily. I love stuff like that! --but I also want my happy ending, where people get through horror safe and sound, or maybe never encountered it at all. And I suppose my point is that ultimately, I don't think there is more "merit" in a story where the creeping horror drives someone insane and leaves the rest of the party with the sinking sensation that they are next vs a well-done quiet people-being-happy-and-people story. They both have their strengths, and they ping on different things, and let's face it: I feel like gratuitous amounts of ANYTHING (angst, horror, fluff, kitchen sinks) drags down the so-called intelligence level of something. Maybe there is something childlike about just letting oneself be taken into the immersion of a story, but I think the world could stand a little more of that. Sometimes we don't have to be (sometimes I don't want to be) the jaded cynical cool critic--sometimes it's nice to just be the kid who believes in everything, even if it's only forthe space of one story.

* Yesterday I was emailing back and forth with [ profile] inarticulate re: f/f pairings, only we ended up talking about genderswitch fics instead. :|a A LOT OF IT WAS ACTUALLY CONTEXTUAL, looking back on those emails, but what it really boiled down to me was: 1) dude, fandom, please realize that the touching/charged/etc/etc scenes you squee about when your two favorite waiwai prettyboys are together would still be legitimate if one of them were female because man, while I identify as female, that is only one thing of many that defines me; 2) klsdjflaheot why do I not write more gen, why do I fall into the pairing-fic trap more than I want to. :( I sort of go in cycles; sometimes I am all about reading stuff that has porn in it! and other times I'm like that's boring, why is there so much sex in fandom, can I just have a nice long casefic, please. RIGHT NOW I AM ON THE LATTER. But even in long casefic, apparently I like it when there are pairings, so is that really gen? I have no idea. \o_O/

Then we got into a tangent about Subtext and how it exists in fandom, and sob. While I am someone who tends to label on the safe side (I did not touch the huge debate that sparked a few months ago, but while I don't care particularly much as a reader, as a writer I err on the side of caution), it sort of makes me wonder--when do you label something as gen? Or as a pairingfic? If you have two characters that you-as-the-writer (or the reader) ship, and all they're doing is interacting in platonic ways, is that gen? Is it pairing? Pre-slash? Is the important thing authorial intent (which enough english majors have told me only counts for very little) or what the reader sees in it? If people have problems with NO GAY!!1 why are they reading 07-Ghost?

* \o_O/ is my new favorite emoticon.


* --Hi.
What is this. I don't even.


Also, semi-context.

!!!!!!!!! )
I BLAME BABYCHAN. (That is like my warcry for everything, isn't it. I think it is.) This is a vaguely porny "missing scene" for this fic, because I meant to write it more Oakcesty, it's just that the fic itself didn't go there. But then I was (AM!) really tired and people encouraged me--or maybe I just imagined that, I'm really suggestible and easy when I'm tired, apparently. Who needs drugs or alcohol, I JUST NEED TO BE SLEEPY.

A-also I just made my weekly wordcount plus one with this. G-go me?!

SOUNDBITE: In which Shuri has ~dreams~ and I'm not sure I can take myself seriously ever again )


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