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( Feb. 1st, 2010 02:31 pm)
RIGHT UH, I totally forgot (and kept forgetting) to do my status update, but I MADE IT, at roughly 5K words. (Sob I rewrote a huge chunk of my AU big bang and then got it to a point where it would reach the first deadline. :B) That is not the point! The point is that [ profile] imaginarybeasts Book #19 is out, the apocalypse/dystopia edition! (The cover is sort of really gorgeous, okay, it is one of my favorites in a while.)

I wrote The Pale Girl, which is one of the first first-person stories I've written in yearssssss, and is the story that, metaphorically, I would like to feel like the sneeze that started and never happened. :|a IS THIS LEGIT, OR DOES THIS MAKE ME A PRETENTIOUS WRITER-TYPE, I DON'T EVEN KNOW!

... anyway. I hope people who read it enjoy it. /o/
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( Nov. 30th, 2009 10:36 pm)

50311 / 50000 words. 101% done!

I could have done better, I know; there were some times where I was just being lazy--and there were times where I was just completely uninspired, or tired, or any number of things. But I made it, and that also counts for a SUCCESS for week twenty-one of my "write at least 1000 words a week for a year" self-challenge. NOT TOO BAD.

Stats-wise, I entirely finished fourteen different pieces this month. The most impressive part about this is that a big chunk of them were actually either completely original ficiton, or close enough to completely original to skirt that line. Some of them I will be posting under the NaNo filter I made--I'm sorry I didn't post a whole lot during this past month, BUT I FIGURE PEOPLE WOULD UNDERSTAND. :'D

AND HERE IS THE FIRST ONE! This is my piece for [ profile] imaginarybeasts, whose theme for Book #18 was winter.

I wrote The Disappearence of Granny Winter and managed to submit my story early enough to get a gorgeous illustration by [ profile] adadochka, kyaa kyaa. *_* I hope you'll read and enjoy it! \o/

Ahhhh, I feel pretty good. |D I'm proud of me for making it, and for finishing stuff, and for writing as much original fiction as I did. :3 CONGRATS TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO MADE IT, and congrats to everyone who tried and had fun. YAY NANO 09 \m/
SOMEHOW I MISSED SEEING WHEN THIS GOT POSTED! S-sob. Anyway! This does not count for this week's submission, since I wrote it a while ago, but! Imgainary Beasts #17 is out! The theme was "Monsters." :D

I wrote true story, and I think about halfway through I felt I was writing was more of a ghost story, but I did have something that, upon rereading, would have probably been a good drinking buddy for a wendigo. Hmm. Nearly everything I write for IB seems to be loosely within the same universe; I think there are only two exceptions. Why is pretentious fairytale-style so much fun to write in, guys. :( Also I realize I have not actually crosslinked a few IB stories I wrote, which is vaguely distressing because I totally had forgotten I'd written them. What. :(

Huzzah, I am excited to see what next month's theme will be. /o/
Writingwise, I am still a bunch of fail -- BUT, I did manage to write and submit something for [ profile] imaginarybeasts and their mythology issue! I mean, it's me. When I saw the theme, I couldn't not, sob I love their folklore-based prompts the most.

My story this time around was hopefall, which was totally bizarre to write in some ways because, due to how I was not-disguising things, one of the characters has the same name as a good irl friend of mine. These are the totally unexpected pitfalls that come from writing anything, I gotta tell you.

akldsjfaeura;fda so moody today, whyyyyyyyyy
Actually, I know why. I know exactly why. (And it has nothing to do with apps, sadly. *g*) KNOWING DOES NOT HELP. :\

BUT AS PROMISED like last week, February is a month of fic! Because of [ profile] springkink, mostly, though there are birthdays coming up. orz [ profile] yhibiki, I will write your fic IF IT KILLS ME you can. Like. Hit me or something for taking so long. ;;;;

SO SHARING. E-even if you don't read, could someone please pet me and tell me they like me. ;;;;;


(It's) A Kind of Magic
For [ profile] imaginarybeasts -- ORIGINAL FICTION AHOY o/ Those of you who were reading my NaNo 07 (which I swear is NOT DEAD and I am STILL WORKING ON IT orz) will recognize the characters. \o/ How the fox and her husband met.

(It's) A Kind Of Magic

THERE IS ALSO A GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATION OMG /o/ such a plus to a moody day♥♥♥♥


but here's the catch
Loveless -- Seimei/Ritsuka orz
339 words
Prompt: Loveless, Seimei/Ritsuka: Sleeping kink (A touching B while B is asleep) - "I've acquired quite a taste for a well-made mistake.

but here's the catch



at last laid bare
Heat Guy J -- Boma/Daisuke [spoilers for Boma's backstory]
1050 words
Prompt: Heat Guy J, Boma/Daisuke: neck-nape licking, claiming - "I hung the stars and I hold your heart, so don't ever be afraid"

at last laid bare

I still don't know if this counts as furry, guys. I know I ask this question a lot. It's because it's a little bit relevant to my interests. :|b
[ profile] imaginarybeasts is out! The theme was fairytales and tell me, how am I supposed to resist that?

I'm not, so I didn't even bother!

Also, [ profile] wenlet did the cover for this issue and it's five thousand kinds of gorgeous, so you should go see the issue just for that. :Db


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