So today, I feel pretty accomplished! I bussed to downtown to check out the apartment building I want to move into, and have come away pretty satisfied. I scoped out the neighborhood a tiny bit, checked the location of bus stops, and got a mini-tour of the place, and I am excited. \o/ For all that I am getting the "worse" view, from what I could see, my view will be pretty fantastic. (I love cityscapes at night. In the daytime I like looking at the countryside and greenery and mountains and all, but at night all the lights and movement of a city just fascinate me. I was happy with what I saw. :D) Plus, they allow dogs (up to eighty pounds!) and--okay, I know that the majority of my flist and friends are catpeople, and I love cats too! But damn if the wide-eyed six year old in me is so excited by the possibility of HAVING A DOG. I may not get one! BUT THE POSSIBILITY. I have calculated and recalculated my budget over a dozen times, and I'm excited. \o/

HOWEVER, there was an. Interesting. Part of my day. While waiting at the bus stop, a woman approaches me and asks me first when the bus will arrive, and then the time. I tell her both, and she is excited, then proceeds to tell me how she "doesn't like walking down that way" (down the street). Now, granted, there are a few kind of sketchy blocks down from my apartment, but normally the Ave rats only show up late afternoon through the night--on a bright and beautiful Saturday morning, there's not really anything uncomfortable about walking that way. Confused, I ask if she means the farmer's market.

"Oh, I don't like that either," she says. "But there's this lady and she's, like, handing out photos and stuff. And I dunno, I'm not saying this right ((she would repeat that phrase many times)) but it's like, witchcraft and stuff. They're witches. She's trying to get you to touch the pictures, and then like, she'll do [mumblemumblemumble more about witchraft Idk]."

AND THERE'S ME, going "... I-I don't think it's witchcraft--"

To which she very seriously tells me WITCHES ARE EVERYWHERE. 8| And then falls silent. I am hopeful that she will leave me alone now, and continue waiting for the bus, BUT NO! A minute later she asks me what I think of witchcraft. I tell her I think it's a silly outdated notion perpetrated by people who needed an excuse to persecute anyone they didn't like*, and she tells me how WITCHCRAFT IS A TOOL OF SATAN, EVERY WITCH IS SATANIC, YOU BELIEVE IN SATAN DON'T YOU! And lectures me about how I need to accept the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart and soul because otherwise Satan will create a weapon to be used against me, and how SHE HAS JESUS IN HER HEART AND WITHOUT HIM SHE IS NOTHIIIIIING and how if you don't believe in God you WILL go to Hell, it's proven in the Bible.




It was only ten minutes, but sob. SOB!

Then I went to the apartment, was all \o/ about it, got a nice lunch and walked around Pike Place Market to grab some groceries, and came home. HOWEVER--in front of the entrance to the farmer's market, there are people with picket signs about ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR and REPENT NOW, SINNERS and suchlike, parading in front of the entrance. And from the looks of things, they'd trapped all the people who were waiting for the light. (The farmer's market in my neighborhood is held on Saturdays, 9-2, in a large parking lot, so there's a crosswalk right at the entrance.) And the whole thing bemused me entirely because they'd so not been there any other time I've gone by--it's always, like, the Real Change people, or people trying to get you to vote for various green initiatives. It was very surreal.

IN CONCLUSION, new apartment looks super-snazzy, though I do not think I will be able to take my coffee table AND the dining table/chairs my parents got. :( I will need to examine the layouts againnnnn, but. At the same time, GOSH am I excited. \o/ And picketing people will forever and always bemuse me.
It would be my luck that the ONE VIRUS EVER my computer picks up, in 12+ years of being online, would be one that is super-difficult to remove.

Thank you, Virtumonde, for ruining my day, AND IT'S NOT EVEN DONE YET. Yes, I'm aware of the time. I-I'm going to call in sick tomorrow if we're not closed due to snow.
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( Dec. 10th, 2008 01:16 pm)
I just worked on a site for "Rooster Bush." And when I realized this, I stopped and stared at my screen for a good full minute.


So in other news, I'm still laughing about this, too. Just like the internet is a series of tubes, my life is a series of inadvertantly funny things. I'm also still a bit annoyed that none of the MAIN CHARACTERS CASTED are Asian, but. ... honestly, I'm not planning on seeing this movie anyway so.
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( Sep. 29th, 2008 02:35 pm)
Free Grill or Shotgun with the purchase of a new Sierra or Yukon.


(I'm not even making this up. Someone has this advertisement on their website.)

All I really can do is just -- laugh. And laugh. And maybe laugh some more. Because that is pretty amazing, you have to admit.

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( Jun. 11th, 2008 08:53 am)
According to the PI, today it is colder in Seattle than it is in Siberia. By a whole three degrees!




If you are in an unfamiliar building, looking for your friend's apartment, do you:

A) Call your friend if you weren't smart enough to write the apartment number down beforehand
B) Knock on the door you think might be right, and ask if the people know the right one if you're wrong
--> C) Barge in and scare the shit out of the awake roommate and don't bother to apologize before leaving

This is the day before her birthday, guys. I know some of you are also friends of hers -- me, I'm skeeved out and angry, but I'm not as scared as I probably would've been if I'd been awake at the time -- so. IF YOU CAN, do something nice for her, she needs it. :\

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( Apr. 24th, 2008 12:00 pm)

I just.


I just taught someone how to save resized pictures to their desktop. After they had somehow managed to download and install a trial version of Photoshop.



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