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Nahhh, I still suspect I've got something like 30K to go on this story. But I'm taking a break for the week in terms of writing, which has been sort of nice! Instead, I'm working on a fic that occasionally makes me stop, scratch my head, and ask what the hell am I doing?

TODAY: Stuff happens! Sen talks a lot, and Ken doesn't like heavy books.

Please tell me if you're reading and you like this! I will love you long time. :Db

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Just FYI: it is really difficult to write fic when you plan on using your lunch break at work for research, and realize some of the search threads you need to use are ... things that you're kind of worried about the people who only know you in a professional context seeing. Kind of like when your mom finds out you write porn. (For the record, my mom knows I write fic, but I don't know if she's aware that it's anything but gen. ... I'm actually not entirely sure she even gets the concept, really, of fanfic. It's sometimes awkward!)

ON THE OTHER HAND I've a bit of my writing mojo back, so maybe I can post HGJ fic tomorrow and work more on NaNo. GO BABY GO. As always, please let me know what you think! ♥♥♥

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Working from home is nice! On the other hand, getting up at six-thirty is not. :(

This next part is ... the result of a lot of debating and reordering of things; it's still not completely as smooth as I'd like, BUT I've already moved on. Uh. Editing to take place in the future, I'm sorry. _o_ We are ... finally hitting something resembling THE PLOT, which I sort of think has been implied the whole time, but you know. Now we're coming out and saying so! :Db

As always, please let me know what you think! ♥

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SO LIKE I KNOW THIS IS TECHNICALLY LATE? But the awesome thing about your own journal is that you can totally set your own schedule! :|b Also I've been ... not so much busy this week as distracted; apparently, it doesn't matter if I've seen "Boom Town" five times, because if you play it for me again, I will just sit and watch, entranced.

Today, we learn that Sen is sometimes something of a jerk! ONOEZ.

I have been wanting to write other fic, but cannot seem to sit down and focus on anything. :( I sort of think either grumpy tengu or else vaguely-porny not-okay catboys, but I'm easy? Maybe drabbles would be good for me! ... uhhhhm.

Actually, you know what? I'll do it. GIMME DRABBLE PROMPTS, fic or even for Ghost Story (haha, aren't I so presumptive? BUT I LIKE IT) -- anything that'll work as a, uhm, "palate cleanser" for my brain-meats. Yahhh. :|b

Also, everyone should go watch episode five of Genshiken 2. Especially if you're well-versed in yaoi/BL tropes.

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Still chugging along as befoooooooore~ but do you guys not love me any more? :'( Is anyone still reading? .___. Please tell me anythiiiiiiing.

Meanwhile, to drown my sorrows, I am going to continue inflicting the Loveless anime on my roommate [ profile] miss_arel

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Iiiiii ... am not entirely satisfied with this installment; I suspect there will be a lot of revision for this portion when I get to the editing stages. :p


As always, I appreciate any and all comments. Tell me what I'm doing wrong or right plz♥

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RIGHT ON CUE, though a little bit later than normal, I have hit the "oh my god, is this an okay story? am I just deluding myself into thinking I'm doing this anywhere near right? I'M JUST A HACK AREN'T I OH GOD DON'T LOOK AT ME."

[coughs] Well, okay, maybe not that dramatically. But I have hit the introduction of the main plot, and that always makes me feel a little uncertain, oddly enough. Buuuuu.

Hi, everyone, if you can take the time, please let me know if I'm doing this right. D:

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PREVIOUSLY: take one

Continuing onnnn~! (Happy Daylight Savings!) I gotta tell people, sometimes it's a bitch when you think, "I'd like to break that cliche by doing THIS," only to realize that THIS is also another cliche of its own. :( But it makes me happy, it fits in the flow of the story, and I will take the lesser(?!) of two evils in this case. :|b

Besides, there're zombies. Invisible zombies, and don't you want to read now? 8D

SO LET'S MOVE ON. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Or what I'm doing right! I will only sulk for a little bit, I promise. ♥

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HERE WE GO, DOING THIS SUPER-FAST SO I DON'T OVERTHINK IT AND STOP MYSELF. \o/ I think I'm probably going to post every other day -- that way, if/when I flub a day, I've got another to make up my wordcount! (haha, that may or may not actually happen; I have an amazingly good head start right now, but tht worries me for when the end of this month rolls around and I flag. Hopefully my second wind won't be long in coming!)

SO THIS IS IT. Part of the newest project from Catfish (which essentially means: [ profile] sharky_chan I am expecting you more than anyone else to hit me when necessary), Ghost Story. See how good I was, by NOT calling my half some really cheesy pun off West Side Story! /o/

Please feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong or if I'm doing something right, which I am currently finding much less likely :B! I promise that I'll only sulk for a few hours before getting over it. XD

I am also not locking this because: a) it's going to be public in the end anyway, once I get it finished and the Catfish page up and running and b) I actually got some people who're not friended to me or vice-versa wanting to read the story, and. Like. Didn't tell me anything else, so guys, guys, feel free to illuminate me here. :|b

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