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( Mar. 3rd, 2011 04:18 pm)
Hello everyone on this LJ, I apologize for being basically AWOL for like ... monthssssss ... :|a Part of it is certainly because of Plurk, because micro-blogging is a lot easier and feels a lot more interactive than journals. ON THE OTHER HAND, journals are super-handy for when I have longer thought-out rants and not just the I AM HAVING OPINIONS AND I WILL TELL THEM!!

That is not to say I haven't been productive, though, oh no. I have been busy. I have been all over the place. I have done MANY THINGS. I make it sound like I am talking myself up, but man it sure hella felt like a lot of things.


- I participated in [ profile] springkink this time around (with eighteen fics, none of them late hell yeah \o/)

- I wrote a story for the next [ profile] imaginarybeasts, which I have sent off

- I have written (together with [ profile] harukami) the first two chapters of a supernatural harem series, [ profile] lovesexgrave which won't see the main story posting until April, but we'll be posting RELATED STUFF every day this month. We're really excited about this, guys, these are characters we've had kicking around for at least three years, and they are FINALLY GOING SOMEWHERE. DOING SOMEONETHING. IT'S PRETTY COOL.

- I started (AND FINISHED) a project for Royal Archivist which by the way guys I am also still kind of ridic excited for. With luck THINGS AND STUFF will happen and it will be grand. I am hoping for grand. I will believe in the best!

All I have left is my [ profile] bb_shousetsu piece, for which I generally know what I am doing, I just need to get started. If worst comes to it, I figure I will be able to just write on the plane when I fly back to Seattle tomorrow. The main reason I got the RA thing done is because I'm visiting my parents in Austin for the week. hrr hrr.

So basically this is fair warning that over the next couple of weeks my lj is going to be FLOODED WITH CONTENT. FANFIC CONTENT. I think the majority of you who friended me did so for my fic, though I admit that a lot of it is also for pairings/series/etc that I've never written before. FEEL FREE TO IGNORE ME.

(You don't have to contribute of course, but I would appreciate it if you read! ♥)

Today I am going to tell you about this Thing that is happening! It is Royal Archivist, which in their own words:

Royal Archivist publishes speculative fiction in various mediums set in a shared universe that explicitly invites and is impacted by fan contributions. We see ourselves not so much as a publishing company, but as a storytelling company, producing fiction, setting-expanding guidebooks, sequential art, roleplaying scenarios, regular columns, audio works and more, all tied together by our setting and the contributions of our fans.

We believe that by creating in a wide variety of media, we open the door to both a greater number and greater diversity of contributors. From the beginning, it has been our goal to see our shared universe populated by characters traditionally underrepresented in fiction, speculative or otherwise. Expect to see protagonists who are also people of color. Expect non-traditional gender roles, and non-traditional genders. Expect us to be a place that your story can be told. Join us, and expect more from our world.

IT IS PRETTY COOL STUFF. WE'RE ALL PRETTY EXCITED FOR IT. (I am not actually one of the founders or anything, but I am in fact friends with 95% of the people working on this project, and am in fact making contributions as a writer and content provider. FAIR CAVEAT.) Watching stuff is kind of like watching something growing up straight from a tiny little seed and it's really cool okay!!

At this point in time they have a Kickstarter Project ongoing, to basically get the monetary push they need to start hiring artists. They're about two-thirds of the way there and have a deadline of March 1st, so there's still time! It's still exciting! And once it gets off the ground, they'll be looking for submissions that fit their interests, which you can see in this here handy FAQ.

Basically this is a really cool project by some really amazing people, and I am excited for this beyond even the tiny bits that I am contributing. So if you guys have the inclination, please give them a look, read up on their current literature, and see if you think it's something you'd like to contribute to.



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