breath, bone, and soul
Odin Sphere - Oswald/Gwendolyn
Spoilers for the end of Gwendolyn's chapter
517 words
From the prompt: Odin Sphere: OswaldxGwendolyn: Pillow talk - "In your shoes"

breath, bone, and soul )
Today's [ profile] springkink, DONE AND POSTED; see below.
Mood, \o/
Possibility of posting a drabble/fic meme that I really don't have the time for, HIGH.

... 8)

the fairytale's gone into hiding
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle -- Fay/Sakura(ish)
Spoilers up to current Tsubasa chapters/revelations
978 words
From the prompt: Sakura/Fai: penance or reform (bad boy turns good; evil seeks to change; performing acts of atonement or restitution; self-mortification; martyrdom; selflessness; apologies or apology sex) - 'she's royalty, born and bred'

the fairytale's gone into hiding )
Annnnnd today's [ profile] springkink fics! Phew. Now I don't have to worry about it till the 20th, and I can take a little break! (Haha, yeah right; that's not terribly likely. XD)

Also guys, guuuuuuys, I want to go back and revise/update my Haruka/Kantarou ship manifesto. :( Someone stop me.

by thorn uncut
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle -- Kurogane/Yuui*
2073 words
From the prompt: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kurogane/Yuui: Cross-dressing - Rose of impropriety / with thorns to hide your feeling
* This fic is a Valeria AU, where Fay and Yuui's family have not all died/gone crazy -- for the purposes of this fic, Yuui = Fay as we know him in canon.

by thorn uncut


No Small Thing
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle -- Syaoran/Sakura
Infinity through current spoilers implied
From the prompt: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura/Syaoran: Collars and chains - This is nothing to show his loyalty.

No Small Thing
Today's [ profile] springkink, hallo! There'll be two (yeek) tomorrow, and then a break till the 20th. /o/

as it often goes
Shounen Onmyouji - Guren/Masahiro
385 words
From the prompt: Shounen Onmyouji, Guren/Masahiro: tender moments - babysitting
(this is so ridiculously fluffy and plotless. I may apologize. XD)

as it often goes
O [ profile] springkink, how you make me work work work o/

What Hates You (Will Someday Kill You)
tactics -- Raikou/Kantarou [mangaverse/speculation]
946 words
From the prompt: tactics, Raikou/Kantarou: chains and borderline non-con - Some things are worse than dying.

What Hates You (Will Someday Kill You)
TODAY IS A NEW DAY!! --I hope. :|b

Today is also a day for crossposting! I. Apologize to anyone who sees this more than once. |Db

The List Starts From Here
702 words
Some spoilers/assumption of a happy ending post-series o/
From the prompt: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kurogane/Fay: *SPOILERS* Experimenting with Kurogane's new arm - That's what you get when you let your heart win

The List Starts From Here
akldsjfaeura;fda so moody today, whyyyyyyyyy
Actually, I know why. I know exactly why. (And it has nothing to do with apps, sadly. *g*) KNOWING DOES NOT HELP. :\

BUT AS PROMISED like last week, February is a month of fic! Because of [ profile] springkink, mostly, though there are birthdays coming up. orz [ profile] yhibiki, I will write your fic IF IT KILLS ME you can. Like. Hit me or something for taking so long. ;;;;

SO SHARING. E-even if you don't read, could someone please pet me and tell me they like me. ;;;;;


(It's) A Kind of Magic
For [ profile] imaginarybeasts -- ORIGINAL FICTION AHOY o/ Those of you who were reading my NaNo 07 (which I swear is NOT DEAD and I am STILL WORKING ON IT orz) will recognize the characters. \o/ How the fox and her husband met.

(It's) A Kind Of Magic

THERE IS ALSO A GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATION OMG /o/ such a plus to a moody day♥♥♥♥


but here's the catch
Loveless -- Seimei/Ritsuka orz
339 words
Prompt: Loveless, Seimei/Ritsuka: Sleeping kink (A touching B while B is asleep) - "I've acquired quite a taste for a well-made mistake.

but here's the catch



at last laid bare
Heat Guy J -- Boma/Daisuke [spoilers for Boma's backstory]
1050 words
Prompt: Heat Guy J, Boma/Daisuke: neck-nape licking, claiming - "I hung the stars and I hold your heart, so don't ever be afraid"

at last laid bare

I still don't know if this counts as furry, guys. I know I ask this question a lot. It's because it's a little bit relevant to my interests. :|b
The weekend was FANTASTIC♥ In short summary:

Saturday: Doctor Who, zombie survival horror game (I almost made it! at least I died in a badass way!), and my first time playing with a Wii. Cow racing > EVERYTHING ELSE. ... Well, almost everything else.

Sunday: More Doctor Who, GREAT BIG SEA (they are incredibly fun live, and I learned that giraffes are very passionate creatures who're psychic and oh, I want their new CD badly♥), and more Doctor Who! And getting to bed too late, but it was sort of really worth it. :D

And now, because last night I posted these with like ten-twenty minutes to spare and got distracted, the very last of my [ profile] springkink crossposts! rock hard.

♪ I wanna be~ consequence-free~ ♪

sing my fortune, for me
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1028
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts/Shadow Hearts crossover, Lucia/Any Organization member: Sweat, Atmosphere - "Dancer in the Dark"
Notes: Rather than use the actual meaning of the Wheel of Fortune card in regular fortune-telling, I used the meaning as it is when you draw it in the game.

an offering for the moon
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 872
Prompt: Tactics, Haruka/Kantarou: Wings, feathers, talons - a meal of rice under the evening moon.
[ profile] springkink crosspost of the day -- only two more to go, due two days from now, and neither started. And then [ profile] het_challenge!
I totally fail at balancing my time to get crossposting done simultaneously. Haha.

BRING IT ON. [airfist]

Slowly Making Change
Rating: PG
Word count: ~780
Summary: He changes visibly; she less so.
Prompt: Shadow Hearts, Yuri/Alice: Curiosity, Fluffy Xenokink - "It doesn't matter, because it's still YOU."
Notes: Takes place the first time through -- i.e., before Yuri goes and retcons his own past. :Db
Another [ profile] springkink crosspost!

--is it bad, I wonder, if I still haven't started the three fics I've got left for this month, OR my [ profile] het_challenge pieces, but I still looked at one of the leftover prompts and thought hey, that looks neat? D:

she comes to make war
Author/Artist: [ profile] nekokoban
Rating: PG
Word count: 1042
Summary: Kairi knows she could've let someone else fight her battles; she chooses not to.
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora/Riku/Kairi: Attraction to a strong, capable female - Kairi looked beautiful in battle, shining and fierce and compassionate.


The King's Burden
Rating: PG
Word count: 891
Summary: Touda knows how the story goes.
Prompt: Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki/Touda: Bonds - there is nothing more costly than what's free.
Notes: Annnnd here's me, bein' TOTALLY cryptic. ... I'm sorry? Spoilers for the Kyoto arc.
I am so incredibly tired. Sleep sleep sleep (and maybe a little eating), that's kind of all I want to do.

So while I do that, have crosspost fic. :Db

a sweet little thing
Rating: PG-ish
Word count: 550
Summary: Captain Aizen visits his lieutenant captain at the infirmary. [Set pre-Soul Society storyarc]
Prompt: Bleach, Aizen/Hinamori: Hurt/Comfort - She bled so well.
Today have two, two! crossposts for the price of one! :Db Meanwhile, I am going to eat garlic oven fries.

A Heartbeat Close
Rating: PG-ish
Word count: 245
Summary: Anita does not take true beauty for granted.
Prompt: D. Gray-man, Anita/Mahoja: UST - There is nowhere closer


Rating: F, for flowery whut
Word count: 575
Summary: He brings her opium and tobacco; she gives him tokens in return.
Prompt: Card Captor Sakura/xxxHOLiC, Clow Reed/Yuuko Ichihara: Smoking/sharing a smoke - " You keep the curtains closed and you carry off a conversation, but you both know that it's still far too soon to say you'll be OK"
omg guys
spent all day cleaning and helping move stuff and my arms are like NOODLES AND DEAD and I am basically cheating and using capslock instead of the shift key to capitalize anything. or c/ping, that works too.

also totally meant to crosspost last night, but sort of. forgot. sleep dep is a great excuse for not realizing what you're doing, yay

Women's Intuition
Rating: R, for retarded. I'm so sorry.
Word count: 2749
Summary: Allen's seen a lot of strange things -- occasionally, he does them, too.
Prompt: D.Grayman, Kanda Yuu/Allen Walker: Gender swap - Allen isn't happy being a girl suddenly and Kanda shows her the benefits.
Notes: I'm ... pretty sure this was probably meant to be more serious than it turned out, and I'm pretty sure that it was actually supposed to be Khanda/Allen in an actual pairing sense. I'm also pretty sure that overall, I find Khanda hilarious and have to sort of go with that. I'M SORRY, MEA CULPA.
ogod, so tired. My arms feel sort of like, I dunno, overcooked limp noodles.

[ profile] springkink crosspost part the ... whatever number it is! :D

All In Fire
Word count: 1275
Summary: After Kyoto, Suzaku takes matters into her own hands. (Not worksafe.)
Prompt: Yami no Matsuei, Touda/Suzaku: Angry fucking - confrontation, of a sort.
... riiiiiight, crossposting! I'm awake, but I'm not awake, you know?

Title: So She Knows
Rating: PG, if even that
Word count: 700
Summary: She's starting to remember, but not that much.
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts, Xemnas/Kairi: Moonlight - "she remembers those hands in a very different way"

So She Knows

... oh, and P.S. Happy 4th of July, my fellow Americans. Let's hope we get it better after this.
OFFICIALLY JULY NOW. (Well, okay, it has been for roughly twelve hours, but I was asleep for about eight of them!)
LET THE [ profile] springkink CROSSPOSTING BEGIN. 8D

Title: That Little Warmth
Rating: TOTALLY WORKSAFE. Yeah, there's all the angst and tragedy going on, but really, I love this pairing because they're also total morons.
Word count: 322
Summary: Fay knows anger as something cold; Kurogane is anything but.
Prompt: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Kurogane/Fai: Nicknames - 'because angry is a good look for you'

That Little Warmth
We interrupt this ficpost for a special announcement: today my workplace switched its CRM tool! So! We are all! Running around! And STARING AT SCREENS and I think I've turned around to ask for help more in the past five hours than I have. Uh. Since I started here.

Once we get used to it, I think it'll be fine! But for now:



And so the last of my [ profile] springkink fics is DONE. :B

Title: A Beautiful Thing
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sex?
Word count: 923
From the prompt: Mostly-clothed smut - "The truly beautiful, their bodies cannot lie"

A Beautiful Thing
Have a multipurpose entry!

First (and more importantly), a PSA: the FDA has updated the list of recalled brands of pet food, both for dogs and cats, and the most updated list and information I can find is available at:

Second: April 18th [ profile] springkink, I'm somehow managing to keep up! go me.

Title: for outside eyes, unseen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: This is totally not the vouyerism you think it is. I fail.
Word count: 334
Summary: from the prompt - "Hisoka/Tatsumi/Tsuzuki: Voyeurism - shadows"

for outside eyes, unseen
Title: As You Wish
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: Vague end-of-anime spoilers and vague smut
Word count: 420
Summary: From the prompt: Haruka/Kantarou: Begging or pleading for sexual release - 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'

As You Wish
Yet another [ profile] springkink fic! ... I suppose this is what you call "stretching your creative skills," but man, this was about 500000x harder than I thought it'd be. XD;

Between One And The Other
417 words
Summary: From the prompt -- "Saiyuki, Sanzo/Ririn: Making someone shut up, forcefully -- 'there are things he was made for, but this was not one of them'"

Between One And The Other


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