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( Apr. 1st, 2011 04:15 pm)
It is the start of a new quarter, the year is a third over, and while I am not beating myself up over failures, I am not extraordinarily happy with here I have flubbed and could have done better and etc etc. THERE ARE THINGS I COULD AND SHOULD DO TO IMPROVE MY LIFE AND MYSELF! So I am going to make this list and hope it works out for me. :|a

But first, things I did accomplish in the past three months:

* I have a regular column now over at Royal Archivist! It is pretty neat to be over there, and I would recommend folks giving things a look-over if/when they can. I will have an actual guidebook thingy coming from them in a couple of months, kyaa kyaa.
* [ profile] lovesexgrave isssssss officially started. :D
* [ profile] bb_shousetsu -- Shadow Stranger [Ladies' Night]
* [ profile] imaginarybeasts -- The Dream's End [Dreams]

I ALSO COMPLETED SPRINGKINK, ugh, I meant to post them to my journal proper last month. I guess it will just have to happen in April, or else not at all. 8|a

But now: goals!

- Seriously try to be in bed by midnight/midnight-thirty during the week. I can definitely tell how letting myself slip to a 1 am bedtime has affected my general mood/creativity/etc. EVEN IF I AM HAVING FUN OR WHATEVER, I really need to start enforcing this. It'll let me get up earlier in the morning too, and be less hateful of the wooooorld by the time I get home from work.

- On the flipside: Get up no later than 10:30 on the weekends. If possible I would like to go for 9:30, but who knows how late I will stay up when I allow myself a late bedtime on Friday/Saturday. :|a

- Be better about frivolous money things. It is super-easy to want to just not cook and go out, but I want to be better about things--I want to stick to the budget I have drawn up, and in this way be more responsible about my spendings and thus feasibly shore up my emergency savings till I hit my goal. If/when I hit that, then I can reevaluate how silly I want to be about stuff. Until then, I should make my emergency savings a priority.

- Start walking home from work. At least on Fridays, when I am less :V BUT MY PRECIOUS FREETIME! and as the weather starts getting nicer. Once it stops raining pretty much every Friday, that would be nice.

- Write daily. I let this slide also more than I should, which is terrible, because writing brings me a lot more joy than prrrrretty much any of my other hobbies, though I am missing having an active fandom that I could and would participate in the ficwriting culture of. Debating some of my older fandoms, because I still love those, but they're either deadish or terrifying to me, so again: hotly debating. I should just go back to randomly posting fic here and maybe someday people will find me and be happy. :B Original and fanfic both, though I haven't decided if I want to do like, a WORDCOUNT GOAL or a TIME SPENT GOAL just yet.

-- wrt the above point, the theme list for [ profile] 500themes. I don't think I will officially sign up, because I am balls at crossposting (as the springkink stuff has proven), but I do want to try doing this. Maybe a theme a day. :|a Current plans are to just go back and forth between D.Gray-Man, di[e]ce, Pandora Hearts, and 07-Ghost for these themes. Idk if I should actually post them, though, because an update a day might get gratuitous when it's every day for over a year. :|a If people have a strong opinion they should yell at me.
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( Jan. 1st, 2011 02:58 am)
We rang in 2011 by playing oldschool Sonic the Hedgehog and I had a chicken-and-cheese quesadilla with apple slices. Instead of champagne I had Martinelli's sparkling apple-cranberry cider, and Sammycat was the happiest because both [ profile] rinkhals and I were sitting on the couch together and it meant he could drape on BOTH OF US AT THE SAME TIME!

If the superstition about "what you're doing at midnight is what you'll have a lot of for the next year," I think I am all right with that. :)


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( Dec. 25th, 2010 05:24 pm)
Today I have:

- got up incredibly late for me (noon-thirty or so)

- resisted the urge to go get Chinese food for lunch
- instead made a nice dinner for myself and [ profile] rinkhals (roasted rosemary-applesauce chicken, green bean-apple salad, roasted potatoes and turnips, rosemary rolls, dessert from Whole Foods)

- Updated my website with three stories (one fanfic, two original)
- Dicked around with a bunch of icons for rp, but ended up happy enough with some to upload them here

- wrote 1000+ words for my Imaginary Beasts story
- wrote like 200 words for an 07G thingy

- have still totally neglected to go see Tangled :B

Happy merry whatevers and all, guys. ♥


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