Five Countries
D.Gray-Man, Allen+Cross
2943 words

Five Countries )
SOUNDBITE: a reunion, of sorts
2102 words

Actually I wrote this last year and just forgot to post it. :|a Written wayyyy before we got any of the recent chapters and their related spoilers, y...yeay...

a reunion of sorts )
I FELT LIKE WRITING so I made faces at Plurk to give me short ideas. D.Gray-Man, Pandora Hearts, 07-Ghost, beware all spoilers up to the most current.

Link/Allen )

Oz/Elliot )

Road/Tyki/Allen )

Castor and Razette )

Sharon and her mother )
1733 words
xxxHOLIC Rou spoilers (the whole thing); implied sex
There is a story that a Doumeki son is told on his fifteenth birthday.

Legacy )
More like ficlets, but uh. I was entertained on the bus? Also, counting the Chop-Licker and one suggestion from a coworker, I now have six animals in my survival horror beastiary! 8D

Also, someone tried to IM me earlier today, and I type so damn fast that I accidentally lost it. If you're reading this, I'm sorry~ D:


P.S. People are totally welcome to keep asking, because I have this hourlong commute home and I need something to do when I forget to bring something to read. :(

for maho_kiwi, a snippet from the KH2 Alex cornerverse, after 'Born in Fire' -- bonus OT3age )


for sjen, tactics, Kantarou x Haruka tengu kink -- or wingkink, er )


for voodoobob, KH2, Donald and magic )


for clapclapbow, tactics, HaruKan with dark and light )

Read more... )


for reversedhymnal, Sora and a difficult choice )

Also, a bonus snippet, that was supposed to be part of WACKY BEACHFUN but was orphaned when I scrapped it and started working on the Alex-is-bored-and-a-pyro story instead. 8D This, and the one higher up, would fit after "Born in Fire" but don't really do much except for establish a whole "yeah, things are coasting along nicely" feeling. I think. XD


So, Sora likes fishing )


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