Yet another thing I wrote back in November! I sort of feel like, if you like fairytales and you want to write them, then at some point in your career (as it were), it is inevitable you will write your own version of this story.

Duhrrrrr. :B

beauty and the beast
8565 words
"Once upon a time, in a little village near the Great Woods, there lived a girl who had been blind since birth."

beauty and the beast )

This evening I will do a YEAR IN REVIEW of things I have written. I have written less overall, but more original stuff, and so I am happy. :|a
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( Dec. 6th, 2009 11:15 pm)
ka i da n
3609 words
It's a good night for stories. Here are some that I know.

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( Nov. 30th, 2009 10:36 pm)

50311 / 50000 words. 101% done!

I could have done better, I know; there were some times where I was just being lazy--and there were times where I was just completely uninspired, or tired, or any number of things. But I made it, and that also counts for a SUCCESS for week twenty-one of my "write at least 1000 words a week for a year" self-challenge. NOT TOO BAD.

Stats-wise, I entirely finished fourteen different pieces this month. The most impressive part about this is that a big chunk of them were actually either completely original ficiton, or close enough to completely original to skirt that line. Some of them I will be posting under the NaNo filter I made--I'm sorry I didn't post a whole lot during this past month, BUT I FIGURE PEOPLE WOULD UNDERSTAND. :'D

AND HERE IS THE FIRST ONE! This is my piece for [ profile] imaginarybeasts, whose theme for Book #18 was winter.

I wrote The Disappearence of Granny Winter and managed to submit my story early enough to get a gorgeous illustration by [ profile] adadochka, kyaa kyaa. *_* I hope you'll read and enjoy it! \o/

Ahhhh, I feel pretty good. |D I'm proud of me for making it, and for finishing stuff, and for writing as much original fiction as I did. :3 CONGRATS TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO MADE IT, and congrats to everyone who tried and had fun. YAY NANO 09 \m/
and they won't call me mother, or sister, or wife
904 words
"They will know me or not by the strength of my life / I will burn with a light of my own / They will know me as Joan."

and they won't call me mother, or sister, or wife )
ffffffffffffffffffff Idek. I AM NOT EVEN SURE THIS IS READABLE but for heaven's sake I hope it is. /o\ Comments are yay?

where the morning has gone
6271 words
There is a legend about the places where the world ends.

where the morning has gone )
So the other night I dared [ profile] enough_space to actually be awake within half an hour of me coming home from work; I promised her fic if she made it.

AND SO WAS WHAT WILL PROBABLY THE LEAST-POPULAR FIC IN 07-GHOST FANDOM WRITTEN. :'D Okay, I exaggerate a bit, but it is rather disheartening how much people don't like Ouka and Gyokuran and the others. I think they are amazing. :'( Based on a pet theory of #babydragon that Shuri is the fiance that Ouka mentions in passing when she's first introduced.

without, the thorns
3259 words
Gyokuran vets the princess' fiance. She is not terribly impressed.
SPOILERS through Kapitel 53

without, the thorns )


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