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( Oct. 7th, 2009 12:03 pm)
In brilliant news, I have a desktop for work now! Dual monitors and everything! Things seem to be working out so far; I'm not having the issues that Coworker AC had when they switched her computer over. (So far, at any rate.)

In LESS brilliant news, I can no longer access gchat (though email itself is fine), nor lj-login; we no longer have admin rights on ... nearly anything ha ha ha. Sob, I am going to miss EditPad so much; it was always such a lifesaver at work. ;o;

THIS MEANS THAT IF PEOPLE NEED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME WHEN I AM AT WORK, EMAIL IS THE BEST--AND NOW ONLY--WAY TO GO. Gmail is nekokoban, sob sob sob. (The weird thing is, I'm still seeing my chat window and it's still showing me as logged in ... ? But I can't access my contact list and I somehow doubt I'll be able to get anywhere with it. :\)

I'm gonna miss lj-login at work. :( NEVER MIND, REBOOTING FIREFOX FIXED THIS. Still no gchat, though, fff.

... oh balls, you need admin rights to install Windows Media codecs. I CAN NO LONGER WATCH STUFF AT WORK, EVEN IF IT'S OFF MY EXTERNAL DRIVE. S-so much for catching up with Merlin. /o\
... there's apparently fic of Ban raping Ginji existing in this wide world of fandom.

Not even doujinshi, but, like. Fic of Ban raping Ginji. Everyone knows that Ban's the weepy uke anyway?!

Guys, why have I been in fandom 10+ years and this still surprises me.


... in other news, I am totally failing at replying to comments or flist entries these past few weeks, both ficposts and otherwise. I'M REALLY SORRY! I promise I will do my best to catch up THIS WEEKEND. T_____Tb

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( Sep. 20th, 2007 11:02 am)
And maybe I'm the only one who thinks of these things? Or I'm looking in the wrong places; both are entirely viable options!

But why aren't there any Supernatural/Dresden Files crossovers?

I mean. Really. The Winchesters and Harry, how could this not be absolutely hilarious.

Tonight, Armageddon!

And fic someday again soon. I swear. I've just been tired. :(
Today's just been another weird day in a kind of weird week.

Between really weird dreams about wanting to go to the beach (I hate beaches) in time to watch stars crash into the ocean and zombies of my friends rise up (... it's a long story), the phone solicitor that asked me to call IF AND ONLY IF I was a JEW OF THE HOUSE OF ABAD (only, it wasn't a call like "interrupt in the middle of dinner" call, it was a -- "I left a message on this service to call you back at a later time so I could give you my spiel only I got cut off in the middle of my very earnest reassurances that you need to call BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE A JEW OF THE HOUSE OF ABAD"), and then today.

So, like, when I get off work, I can catch a bus at two stops: one that's right in front of the office, but goes down 1st Ave and is sloooooow as all hell. The other is about six blocks away, and I can catch my direct-to-home bus there. As I'm walking, a guy in an Orange Cab Taxi pulls up and asks me if I want a ride. It's free, he insists, totally free, and I -- rather stupidly, I admit -- got in. He was an older guy, with a really heavy accent I couldn't place or quite understand, and he kept asking me questions. Did I have a roommate? Yes, I said, but I didn't know when she'd be home (this is not a lie: I know the ballpark of when [ profile] miss_arel is coming back from California, but not the exact date/time :p). Did I have a boyfriend (?!?!?!). Uh, yeah, I said, and this was a total lie, but he kept looking back and giving me this really big smile and telling me he was being nice to me, won't I be nice back? I should be nice back, right? Sure, I said, I like being nice to people. (I stressed the people part.)

He went off on this random tangent at one point, saying it was a problem if I had a roommate, then a problem if I had a boyfriend, and he said if I didn't have a roommate, he'd take me home, straight home, for free! Totally free! Isn't that nice of him? (I want to know why it was a bigger problem if I had a roommate as opposed to having a boyfriend, ignoring that one's real and the other isn't, because uh. Well.) I try to make polite but detached conversation, and finally we get to my normal stop and he lets me off for free.

BUT! Not before he gives me a card with his number, asks my name (never have I been so glad about how frequently my name is mistaken for the OTHER spelling) and tells me I should call him, if I call him, he'll TOTALLY COME AND PICK ME UP AND TAKE ME TO WORK, I WILL call, right? Right? I'd better call, right?

I got out of the cab and he drove away.

Then I got on the bus, came home, did some grocery shopping, and now I'm giving the pile of dishes in the sink the hairy eyeball.

Clearly, the days of the week are trying to one-up each other in terms of sheer weird and a little creepy, but. Uh. I think I'm done now, kthx. D:

Definitely not one of my more brilliant moments. HEY GUYS, I'M REALLY STUPID. .___.
[ profile] yaoi_challenge fics DONE!
[ profile] springkink ONE MORE TO GO!
[ profile] het_challenge ....... I HAVE MORE TIME THAN I THOUGHT! D:
The desire to write longfic TOTALLY NOT IN ANY OF THE FANDOMS I HAVE CHALLENGES FOR: A++++++ double-check yes!


So yesterday I had lunch with my cousin (which is really weird when I think about it, because while a lot of my friends have family in the area, I ... really don't; they're in Texas, Connecticut, and LA). She's very nice, despite being ~five years older than me and us having little to nothing in common but blood (I am the second-youngest in my family on both sides, and C is actually closer to me in age than most, as the majority of them are ... in their late thirties by now? yikes), though conversation was a bit peculiar. I mean, it's weird to say "I visited S and her kids" and know that not only does C know them, C is ALSO related to them.

... this is a novelty to me, okay. :p

But then she hopped a train to Portland and I went shopping; I got my groceries for the week and the first eight volumes of Tsubasa (which I'd been borrowing from a friend in their uber-shiny hardback with full color and other goodies version -- I just got the regular-sized tankoban), then spent the evening rereading them.


What do non-fandom people (the mainstream people, the ones who look askance at you when you say you play video games, who have these strained smiles and ask "oh, like kid's books?" when you say you like comics, who think that you're actually using a secret code word for porn when you say you're into anime/manga -- and I could make a joke here about fandom but I'll leave it) DO for fun?

No seriously.

As far back as I can remember, I've always been geeking on some aspect of fandom (and oh, the Mary Sues that never left the safety of my head!), even before I discovered the internet. If you look at the disaster zone that's my room, it's all either a) old school-related stuff or b) FANDOM.

Whiiiiiich may actually be construed as kind of lame, but I keep myself entertained!

I just sort of wondered "how DOES the other side keep themselves from being bored?" and.

Also it's Sunday and my roommates are out/at work/not HERE so I'm just left with a cat for company, which is good for harrassing, but not so much for hashing things out.

P.S. Cockvore exists in this world. And by that I do not mean that the cock gets eaten, but that the COCK EATS YOU (soviet cock?).

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( Jan. 17th, 2007 01:33 pm)
At work, we use this ticket system, right? Any time someone does something with the issue in question, we timestamp it, which is firstname, lastname, date-time. This is, in fact, the major way that my team communicates with the rest of the company -- though we use phones, and if you call someone, the in-system caller ID will display firstname-lastname.

So, uh.

How does this one guy keep spelling my name wrong -- not one way, but three different ways in a single ticket during back-and-forth communication, and continues to spell my name wrong with my timestamp right there? D: I sometimes end up completely skimming over something addressed to me, because that's not really my name I'm seeing there.

It's like being in elementary school again, in a way. They had a policy where you had to get an excused absence slip from the office to give to your teachers the day after you were sick, and I always had to stand like this mini not-a-hawk-maybe-a-dodo-bird? and in that annoying childish way, insist that NO, NO MY NAME IS SPELLED T-E-R-R-A NOT T-A-R-A D:

Curse you, alternate-and-more-widespread spelling! [fistshake]


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